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The Grinch 2018

The Grinch, 2018. Performance at the Keene United Church, Keene ON. 

The Secret Garden 2017

The Secret Garden, 2017 Adapted to Music. Performance at the Hastings Civic Centre, Hastings ON

Peter Pan 2016

Peter Pan the Musical, 2016,  preformed at the Hastings Legion 

Oliver! 2015

Oliver! The Musical, 2015 Preformed at the Hastings Community Centre and the Warkworth Centre for the Arts. 

Lord of the Flies

Lord Of The Flies. Performances at the Staircase Cafe Theatre, Fergus Grand Theatre and Norwood Centre for the Arts

Annie 2013

Annie, 2013, Fergus Grand Theatre and Cambridge Centre for the Arts

Sound of Music- 2012

The Sound of Music. 2012. Fergus Grand Theatre, Fergus, ON

Oliver! 2011

Oliver! 2011. Cambridge Centre for the Arts

Mamma Mia! 2011


Photos from older performances at the Staircase Cafe Theatre in Hamilton, ON


“Play isn’t something separate from the daily grind of life. It is not something to finally get to when work ends. Rather, play, like music, is a force that we feel in our bones and that whispers in our heart. As kids demonstrate, play is not over there, but forever here and now.” 

Vince Gowmon